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ethical outsourcing in Nepal

Our engagement

Offering you top-quality technical services to carry out your website and mobile application projects

Technical expertise

Our teams are expert in software development : we develop custom-made websites, e-commerce websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Affordable price

Our top-quality technical resources are affordable for large companies as well as for startups or medium size companies.

Customized resources

We can help you to balance your workload and to complete your teams on demand. We guarantee available developers dedicated to your company.

Social impact

We use the difference of revenues between countries as a leverage to invest in education access in Nepal and to improve the working conditions locally.

Our offer

We develop the digital tools you need to solve your business challenges


Our engineers carry out the technical design and the write the specification of your digital project.


Our dedicated teams develop your website, your e-commerce site and your web or mobile applications.alt: image-alt


Our teams review, revise and adapt your digital projects according to your needs.

Our values

Develop long term opportunities in Nepal and stop the exodus of talents to western countries.

We are committed to provide the best working condition available in Nepal to our employees. :

We offer competitive salaries, two days weekends, paid holidays, and we are currently developing our own internal social security system for our employees and their family.

We are committed to maximize our social impact in Nepal.

We carry out 3 types of social actions  :

  • Collaboration with the Justice And Right Institute For Nepal to make of BOLD CODE_ a model of human rights friendly company in Nepal.
  • Financing students education, by providing scholarships as well as paid internships for students at university.
  • Collaboration and financial support of local social enterprises, NGOs, and communities, for example Community Rural Development Organization Nepal, and Girls in Technology Nepal.

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